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Published: Wednesday, March 4, 2020

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Deep sleep is essential for good health  

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    Crown Jewel mattress offers advanced features for ultimate sleep comfort

    You may have heard it’s important to get around eight hours of sleep each night, but what most people don’t know is the quality of sleep matters as much as how long you sleep. 

    Throughout the night you go through different stages of sleep. There are four stages of sleep:

    Stage 1- This is when your body starts to relax.  Your breathing and heart rate slow down.  Your muscles relax and your brain waves begin to slow down. 

    Stage 2- This stage encompasses half of your sleep cycle.  You fall into this stage of sleep more than any of the others.  During this stage your body continues to relax, your brain waves are much slower with short periods of activity, your eye movements stop and your body temperature drops.

    Stages 3 and 4- These stages are considered deep sleep stages.  It’s where your body is in the deepest state of relaxation and brain waves are at their slowest. 

    Stage 5- This last stage is REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, when you sometimes have vivid dreams accompanied by fast and/or irregular breathing, changes in body temperature and twitching in body and limbs.

    You cycle through these various stages of sleep throughout the night, and your body stays in deep sleep the longest during the first few cycles but as the night progresses the deep sleep cycle gets shorter.  Deep sleep facilitates several processes in the body.  During deep sleep, the brain metabolizes glucose which helps with memory and overall learning.  These are the other benefits of deep sleep: it promotes growth and repair of tissues and bones, cells regenerate, strengthens the immune system, increases blood supply to the muscles, and restores energy.

    Deep sleep is what allows you to wake up refreshed, and if you’re sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress or your sleep environment isn’t optimal (i.e., too light, too warm/cold, etc.) it’s unlikely that you’re getting as much of this regenerative sleep as you need. Deep sleep and a comfortable mattress are undeniably linked, and a good quality mattress is the best investment you can make toward regenerative sleep. For South Africans who are smart with their money but uncompromising about their quality of sleep, Sealy South Africa is proud to introduce the Crown Jewel mattress.

    The Crown Jewel features an exclusive zoned-support system that provides extra support exactly where you need it the most. Four distinct support zones are provided by Sealy’s Embrace Coil system and an array of five different foam and gel layers. The result is better posture throughout the night and an end to the aches and pains that can come from poor spinal alignment while sleeping.

    “We think that our customers will notice the difference on night one,” says Sealy South Africa brand executive, Riaan Strydom. “Most of us know what it’s like to suffer aches in our joints and back after sleeping on mattresses that felt perfect at first. Sealy solved that problem by designing a mattress that’s truly built for the human body. The extra support is subtle enough that you won’t notice any difference from a traditional mattress, but by morning, your body will have felt the difference. And it feels great.”

    The Crown Jewel also extends its usable area right out to its edges through its Stable Edge system. The mattress’s gently reinforced sides won’t sag when you sleep or sit on them, and two rows of special Quantum Edge coils provide further end-to-end support.

    All of this engineering and craftsmanship comes in an affordable package. Sealy even designed the Crown Jewel’s manufacturing process for optimum efficiency, and the savings shows in the mattress’s retail price.

    If you’re waking up tired all the time, even after getting the right amount of sleep, you may need to look at your mattress as the culprit.  A good mattress supports your body and allows it to relax and fall into a deep sleep. To learn more about how the Crown Jewel line offers an unbeatable sleep experience visit