Covid-19 Pandemic is the Perfect Time to Learn to Trade

Published: Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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How to make money even in extremely difficult economic times 

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    There is hardly a country in the world that are not reeling from the devastating effect of the Coronavirus pandemic. People’s biggest concerns now are twofold - that they or their loved ones will contract the virus and the question on mostly everyone’s lips: ‘How are we going to stay afloat financially?’

    A recent interview with the owner of MakariosFX  revealed that while lockdown, quarantine and self-isolation are having a devastating effect on the global economy, it doesn’t mean that making money during this difficult time is completely impossible.

    Now is a good time for traders and those who have always wanted to be traders, to seize the moment and start making money on the forex market. If you are still not sure what Forex is, here is a very simple explanation:   Forex is the way through which one currency is changed into another and the forex market is the ‘playground’ where traders make some extra money remotely.

    This pandemic presents you with a golden opportunity to learn how to trade and become good at it and once it has passed you can continue to build on the financial rewards that this extra stream of income brings.

    MakariosFX  website makes it simple to learn to trade for free, compare different brokers,  learn more about the best brokers, etc. Forex brokers in South Africa, Algeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya & Zambia, find the perfect broker for you, create a free trading account and start trading.

    If you still need some extra pointers to get started, here are some helpful hints from Makarios FX:

    1. Read up as much as you can about the industry.

    2. Learn everything possible about CFD Trading.

    3. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection.

    4. Read up on Broker reviews & compare forex brokers to make sure you choose one that is

        trusted  and licensed.

    5.  Apply for an account online. It should not take long to set up. Certain information may be

         required from you.

    6.  Create a demo account – this is extremely helpful to practice while you are learning more

         about  the industry.

    Economic times may look uncertain right now, but many people around the globe are utilizing trading on the financial markets to create a much-needed extra income. Now is undoubtedly the right time for you to start. Don’t be afraid – the risks associated with forex trading are relatively low as long as you stick to good decision-making.