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Published: Monday, August 17, 2020

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When in need of more office space and with the confines of a strict budget, shipping containers have, proven to be the easiest and most cost effective solution. 

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    Shipping containers are nothing new… but the conversion of them is innovative and beyond exiting! Due to the containers versatility, portability and durability, they have become a commodity.  In recent years their variety of uses have exploded into every area of society … as far as your imagination can stretch.

    Shipping containers are now competing with conventional buildings in being used as:

    • Storage facilities which can be expanded with great ease at affordable prices.
    • Classrooms
    • Homes
    • Ablution facilities
    • Office space in corporate, industrial, mining, and other settings, and so much more.



    When in need of more office space and with the confines of a strict budget, shipping containers have, proven to be the easiest and most cost effective solution. It is estimated that construction costs are minimised by 60% at minimum.


    Apart from being a cost effective way of being used as office space, shipping containers also provide the option for different designs as they can be customized to meet the requirements and needs of different clients.

    Shipping containers can be used as a luxurious office or can be converted and applied as functional workspaces with little to no effort, and at lower costs than revamping conventional brick and mortar office buildings.

    Fixed versus temporary – portability

    Should companies need to relocate some, or all offices, shipping containers serve the best purpose as they are portable without having to pack and unpack the office space.

    Containers can be moved and relocated with little effort at exceptionally low costs whereas conventional buildings are fixed and where relocation is concerned, it can be a tedious and costly process to relocate a company’s offices.

    Options for expansion

    As opposed to conventional buildings, shipping containers can be stacked and used as multi-tiered offices, which can be constructed easily with shortened processes and significantly less cost involved.

    Shipping containers can also be customized according to the needs of the client or company, by cutting and welding to expand and optimize office spaces, and although there is some time-line required for such procedures, it is much faster than conventional building.

    Environmentally efficient

    Shipping containers that are used as office spaces have less impact on the environment as they can be re-used for a variety of purposes and this lessens the carbon footprint of companies and clients.

    Less hassle with permits

    When buildings are erected, numerous permits from various authorities are required, whereas shipping containers office buildings require far fewer permits. This saves companies and clients time and substantial amounts of money.

    Easy to buy or rent

    There are various suppliers that offer the rent or purchase of shipping containers for a variety of purposes and Container King is one of the market leaders in shipping container conversions work, sales and rental solutions.

    Container King makes provision for general purpose containers, high cube containers, and reefer containers at affordable prices along with having a history of being used by large corporate companies and other businesses to fulfil a variety of purposes.

    Final Thoughts

    Whether companies are looking for permanently fixed, or temporary office buildings, shipping containers fit the bill in providing flexible, cost-effective and hassle-free solutions while maintaining the integrity of operations and work spaces.

    The use of shipping containers for office space, as opposed to conventional buildings is becoming increasingly popular as they are portable, cost effective, environmentally friendly, easily customizable, and easy to obtain from trusted suppliers such as Container King.

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