Hertbert Theledi - The People's Champion

Published: Monday, August 17, 2020

Property Retail Community Development

The most important trait of an entrepreneur and the source of an entrepreneur’s motivation is passion

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    One of Herbert’s core beliefs is that the future of South African people is business. Herbert has proven to be a successful mentor to the people by guiding many entrepreneurs to business success. He grew up in Bushbuckridge in the Lowveld. He followed his dad’s footsteps by setting up sound economic standards and ideas as a regular practice to propel himself and others.

    Herbert sees all malls as economic generators for communities. The malls produce work positions that produce salaries that can support the community and adds on to the economic growth of the community. Additionally, the unemployment in the Bushbuckridge area is extremely high and thus in need of improvement. This is why the Thulamahashe mall helps in terms of occupation creation and manageability. He additionally called attention that property development can assist with tending to the issue of unemployment and to lighten poverty. This shows that Herbert helps with job creation and the possibility that individuals can profit by financial investment. Herbert also said the advancement is relied upon to make an economic rise in the provincial network.

    Herbert Theledi is considered a passionate entrepreneur. He is always passionate about what he is doing as an entrepreneur. He went from shopkeeping onward to construction and then after a few years, he moved to the property.

    The most important trait of an entrepreneur and the source of an entrepreneur’s motivation is passion. Nthwese Developments was founded in 1994 and Herbert Theledi was the founder of the company. This company stands for positive change and makes a positive impact on lives. The company is a property management company with Herbert Theledi as the managing director.

    In 1993 numerous properties were bought by Herbert from emigrating residents which he took and made enchantments to and then sold them after. Although construction has many elements of risk Nthwese successfully finished many projects and 2 major projects being the Bambanani Shopping Center in Diepsloot, and the Thulamahashe Mall in Bushbuckridge.

    Herbert also began a shipping business while in the Lowveld, moving products from Mpumalanga to Gauteng. The shipping business didn’t work out well as Herbert planned it to be. Every entrepreneur makes mistakes and every successful entrepreneur looks past those mistakes and takes risks. This also shows the Herbert isn’t anxious about making a mistake and learns from his failures.

    Herbert also encourages the government and the private division to help black property developers. His company Nthwese is a 100% black owned organization that grows financially manageable real estate. The company intends to optimize value by distinguishing property improvement, investment and exchanging opportunities in the areas of retail, workplaces and student accommodation.

    Due to the difficulty of property development in the country its extremely difficult to pull through. Herbert showed us what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and to learn by your mistakes. He makes a big success out of Nthwese Developments and changes many lives and continues to do so.