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Published: Thursday, September 3, 2020

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Sanitizeme is a South African Based company with outlets branching into Africa soon

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    The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic on a global scale, and the subsequent halt of businesses that resulted in imbalanced and uncertain economic situations, have led to companies that provide disinfectant and sanitizing products rising to the challenge.

    Across the world, companies have increased their production of sanitizing products such as disinfectants and disinfectant thermal fogger machines along focusing on developing new and improved technologies such as foggers and sanitizers to disinfect public spaces and workplaces on a large scale.

    While almost the whole world as we know it has gone under lockdown, all essential services have continued working around the clock, such as healthcare services, emergency services, pharmacies, some shopping outlets, and many more.

    In South Africa alone, the past few months have been precarious resulting in companies that are allowed to operate having to sought alternative ways in which to ensure that the health and safety of their essential employees are taken proper care of despite growing concerns in the spread of the virus.

    As South Africa eased from a Level 5 full, nationwide lockdown, into a Level 4 lockdown with more business allowed to operate, all companies are looking at increased measures to ensure workplace sanitization and foggers for sale while they keep the cost and availability of suppliers of these products in mind.

    Before employees are even allowed to return to work, and with the further easing of some lockdown rules and protocols, it is paramount that the workspace has to be sterilized extensively to ensure that health protocols are being met.

    About Sanitizeme

    Sanitizeme me is a South African Based company with outlets branching into Africa soon. We specialize in the provision of professional solutions in the industry pertaining to facilities management. In partnership with businesses, healthcare facilities, schools and even homes, the aim is to curb the spread of the infection while increasing the ability of being able to serve not only customers, but patients, students, and a community as a whole.

    The aim is to aid these industries by providing products which includes, but is not limited to:

    Disinfectant aerosol

    Disinfectant foggers

    Disinfectant fogging services

    Fogger machines

    Commercial disinfectant foggers

    Home disinfectant foggers

    Industrial thermal foggers

    Portable disinfectant fogger machines

    and more