Still Undecided Whether to Rent or buy a Copier?

Published: Saturday, November 28, 2020

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In any business cost is always a consideration, but more so for start-ups and businesses who are still uncertain about their long-term and copying requirements. 

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    Cost Saving Multifunctional Copiers 

    The copiers of today do so much more than just copy. They are, in fact, computers that are able to perform multiple document management tasks. Business owners in South Africa who have to decide which of this powerful technology is the best fit for your business, might want to look at copier rental as opposed to buying. Why?  There are plenty of reasons to go for the renting option.


    Let’s take a look at some of them:


    1. Lower Initial Costs.

    In any business cost is always a consideration, but more so for start-ups and businesses who are still uncertain about their long-term and copying requirements. The initial expense to buy a copier is usually high, but a company can hardly get by without it and to rent a copier means that there are fewer upfront costs to take into account. This is especially true of companies that require highly specialized equipment in their day-to-day business.


    2. Hassle-free Maintenance & No Replacement Costs

    Most copier rental companies in South Africa will rent out their products with a maintenance plan in place, which means that you are not left with the hassle of dealing with equipment malfunctioning. You can rely on the provider for all services, parts and supplies without the added cost of replacing any malfunctioning part.


    3. Flexible Rental Program.

    Many copier rental companies in South Africa offer a flexible rental program that allows business owners to change the monthly copy volume according to requirements as well as including renting a printer on short-term basis or for a special event.


     4.  Configuration of Printers/Copiers

    Configuration of a copier can be a daunting task for most of us. When renting a copier all the guesswork is taken off your hands – with automatic Feeder, Sorter, Duplex, Staple sorter, etc.


    5. Tax Deductible.

    When renting copiers you have the option of 100% tax reduction – No need to depreciate the copier – you can simply write of all the costs as a business expense.


    Take a look at your options from Toshiba Tech when in need of renting a copier:


    Month to Month Rentals – New Equipment – Easy approval!

    Month to Month Rentals – Demo & Certified Refurbished Equipment.

    Rental Contracts – 60/36/24 Months – On financial credit approval only.


    About Toshibatech

    A globally recognized brand, Toshiba is one of the largest corporations in the world and a leader in the field of digital office automation which includes multifunctional black and colour copiers. Our photocopiers range from black and white desktop multifunctional printer/fax/copy machine to commercially sized digital photocopier studios. We supply used and refurbished copiers at the best prices in South Africa. Rent to own.