Protecting the Ozone layer & How you can Contribute

Published: Thursday, March 4, 2021


One of the greatest advantages of using LP gas is the fact that it reduces damage to the ozone layer

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    What is LP Gas? 

    Liquified petroleum gas, also known as LPG or LP gas is a flammable gas used as a fuel source in heating appliances, vehicles and even cooking apparatuses. As a motor vehicle owner, you would also know LP gas to be called Autogas.

    Liquid petroleum gas is a colorless, odorless liquid that evaporates into a gas. This type of gas usually gets an odorant added to it to help detect leaks.

    One of the greatest advantages of using LP gas is the fact that it reduces damage to the ozone layer.

    LP gas is usually stored and distributed in liquid form. Liquid petroleum contains 0.1% Butadiene and is grouped as a carcinogen and mutagen.

    One of the dangers of LP gas is the fact that that this liquid has the potential to leak. If this liquid does end up leaking it will soon evaporate and then turn into a dark cloud of gas which can then drop onto the ground because this cloud is heavier than rain. When leaked LP gas comes into contact with an ignition source, it can explode. 


    Benefits of Using Liquefied Petroleum Gas as Opposed to Other Fuels 

    As a person using LP gas, there are some advantages you could look forward to. Below we discuss a few of the top advantages you would experience when using LP gas include:

    • Clean burning
    • Liquid petroleum gas has a high energy value and provides a good flame control
    • This gas is very easy to store and has a low tolerance for spillage
    • LPG is known to be a very environmentally friendly fuel that has very little sulfur content.
    • The effect of corrosion on LP gas tanks are little to none
    • It is much cheaper when compared to petrol
    • When liquid petroleum gas is incorporated into machines, it does not imply any major modifications to the engine.


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