Tips for Doing Business in Mozambique

Published: Monday, May 3, 2021

Business Investment

Trusted Mozambique Business Consultants help you get  to grips with safe business practices in Mozambique 

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    For those looking for a great new opportunity to expand their business horizons, going over the border to South Africa’s neighbour Mozambique is like exploring untouched territory. Mozambique is a country on the move, and now more than ever before, it is an emerging business destination full of exciting ventures waiting for the right investor or business person to help it flourish.

    If you are looking for a new challenge or if you have found that the opportunities this side of the border are just no longer enticing enough for you, investing in Mozambique, with the help of a few trusty Mozambique business consultants who know all about doing business in Mozambique, is the natural choice.

    From registering a company in Mozambique to getting to grips with proper and safe business investment practices, business is made easier when you have a few tips at hand.

    To help you enter this new world, our tips for doing business in Mozambique will help you feel more confident about navigating this new adventure.


    Make life easier for yourself and work with a consultant

    Mozambique can be a challenging business destination if you don’t know the lingo, the business culture or, in some cases, the geography. When you want to give yourself the best possible entrance to this new business sector, it can really help to have a Mozambique business consultant to assist you all the way.

    Business consultants know the ins and outs of the market that you are interested in, they know how to get you connected to others who you can work with to grow your money, and they can identify new opportunities for you.


    Have an understanding of protocol

    At some point, you will have to visit the country to do business as not everything can or should be done online or by phone calls. Business meetings in Mozambique very rarely start on time, in fact this is a nation that prides itself on being laidback rather than punctual. The irony though, is that while your counterparts might be late for the meeting, they will expect you to be on time.

    Another thing to keep in mind about protocol is that Mozambicans are incredibly friendly people and will expect you to be friendly too, which means it’s a great idea to start meetings with some social small talk.


    Know the industry you are entering

    Mozambique is a thriving business destination but like all countries in the world, some industries are a better investment than others. It certainly helps to have someone in the know on that side of the border to assist you in finding the right business to suit your needs, but that is not an excuse to do no research yourself.

    Currently, the education, farming, services and parts, and support services for the natural gas industry, are all great and profitable industries to enter.


    Keep the language barrier in mind

    It takes a steadfast character to make business work in Mozambique. You need to give yourself the upper hand by making sure that you know how to negotiate with your new business counterparts. Understand that most conversations will take place in Portuguese and as such it is important to have a translator to assist you. If you really want to blow people away, you should try to learn to speak the language yourself.


    Don’t do business in January

    The best time of the year to do business is not in January. While in other parts of the world December is usually left off the business calendar, January in Mozambique is full of holidays that put business on the back burner until at least February.


    About Mozambique Business Consultants

    MBC is a top business and auditing consulting firm and a turnkey solution for doing business in Mozambique

    MBC was founded in 2000 by Arlindo Mapanda and since then the company has gone from strength to strength, employing 41 staff under the MBC Business group that includes 4 permanent business brokers with master degrees.

    Over the years MBC has assisted many foreign investors with investment advice, guidance, and support when entering the market of Mozambique.  We offer our clients a wide range of services to minimize their risks and investments in this emerging market.  We look forward to assisting you too!