National Debt Counsellors – We do all the Negotiations

Published: Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Financial Services

Entering into debt review can relieve consumers of many of the stressful aspects related to over-indebtedness.

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    Entering into debt review can relieve consumers of many of the stressful aspects related to over-indebtedness.

    Not only will your debt counsellor be able to secure reduced payments, lowered interest rates, extended payment terms, and provide legal protection for your assets, but they also handle all of the negotiation with your creditors.

    As part of the service provided by National Debt Counsellors, the team of registered debt consultants assumes the role of mediator between you and your credit providers, relieving you of the stress and hassle of having to work out a solution to over-indebtedness.

    The negotiations are handled by your debt counsellors and your creditors are no longer in a position to make threatening phone calls or to send harassing legal letters to you. If this situation occurs during the debt review process, you simply need to refer them to your debt counsellors as you are no longer under any obligation to deal with your credit providers directly.

    Allowing your debt counsellors to handle these negotiations results in a better outcome for you, as these industry professionals are in an excellent position to settle a more advantageous and achievable repayment plan between you and your credit providers. As such, this team of registered debt counsellors diligently maintains a positive working relationship with all of the major credit providers, and is in a better position to understand the terms that your credit providers are willing to accept.

    Using their industry expertise, combined with a working knowledge of the best available options throughout the mediation process, these debt counsellors are ultimately able to secure a better outcome than could be achieved by the average consumer in South Africa. The debt counsellors first assess your financial situation, and establishes how much of your available income can be apportioned to repaying your debt. They work closely to ensure that you still have enough available funds to afford your other monthly necessities.

    Once the debt counsellors have established this budget, they bring the new repayment plan to the relevant credit providers in order to negotiate repayment terms that are both affordable to you, and acceptable to your credit providers, in one reduced monthly instalment. As already noted, because these debt counsellors understand the terms which are acceptable to the major credit providers, they are usually able to secure extended repayment terms with reduced instalments, and at a lowered interest rate.

    As a result of these negotiations, the consumer often ends up paying less to their credit providers overall, while still being able to afford their most important monthly necessities and ensure that their families remain healthy and happy.

    In conclusion, the benefit of having National Debt Counsellors handle these negotiations is twofold: it relieves the consumer of the stress in dealing directly with harassing credit providers, and results in a better, more affordable repayment plan. With dedication and industry expertise, this team of leading debt consultants works carefully with consumers from around South Africa to help them achieve freedom from over-indebtedness, and regain financial security.