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Published: Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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If you find that your business has lots of documents that contain confidential information, then your best bet would be to buy a paper shredding machine. 

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    Get the best paper shredder machines for sale and on a renting agreement at Digishred today. Our company provides their customers with the opportunity to buy or rent high-quality paper shredder machines in South Africa. Our company is known for offering high-quality shredding services and products in the country. Read more below. 

    At Digishred, we have a wide selection of paper shredders for sale and hiring purposes. We understand just how important it is to safely dispose of unwanted documents at work. This is why we offer our solutions at the most affordable price on the market. 


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    Paper shredding at home or work is the most effective way to dispose of documents with sensitive information on them. Having a good quality shredder on hand means that you will be able to successfully destroy the hard copies of documents you may not use at a particular time.

    Choosing to shred these documents will prevent your company from facing identity theft. Besides this, most companies have large volumes of paperwork that they need to get rid of safely. By using a paper shredder machine in your business, you can make sure that those documents get destroyed without having the information on them falling into the wrong hands. 


    Should You Rent or Buy a Paper Shredder Machine? 

    In the world that we are living in today, most businesses do not have the funds needed to buy a shredder with upfront cash. This is why they choose to rent a paper shredder machine for the duration that they need it.  

    Choosing to rent a shredder works well if your business only needs to shred a small about of paper every week. It also works well if your company does a lot of high-volume shredding, which means you will not have to worry about maintain the machine. 

    While renting seems like a simple option, it does have its downfalls too. Renting a paper shredder is an empty investment because do not have ownership of the machine. Digishred offers daily and fixed-term rentals on paper shredding machines. Make sure to speak to our team of professionals today to get the best paper shredder rentals solutions for your business. 

    If you find that your business has lots of documents that contain confidential information, then your best bet would be to buy a paper shredding machine. When you choose to buy a good quality shredder, it will require you to be able to take on the full responsibility of the machine. You will be responsible for the upkeep of the shredder and providing any maintenance it would need to work effectively. 

    Buying a paper shredder machine from us is a great investment. Instead of continuing to pay a monthly fee to use this machine, you will be the proud owner of your very one shredder which you can use whenever you need it. What’s so great about our company is that we have a wide selection of paper shredders on sale at affordable prices. This makes it great for our customers because they can choose a shredding machine that they like and that fit’s their budget too.

    Whether you choose to buy or rent a shredder from us, using our services means that you can rest assured knowing that your sensitive information will be kept secure and disposed of effectively with the help of our quality paper shredder machines. Make sure to fill out our online forms today with all of the requirements you want your shredder to have and we will get one of our team members to assist you with a solution that works for you. 


    Get in Touch with Us to Find Out More

    At Digishred we are proud to offer all of our customers the option to choose between buying or renting a shredder machine. If you would like to know more information about our shredders for sale and hire, make sure to give us a call on 087 195 2108 today. You can also browse through our online catalogue to search and find the best shredder for you. Our paper shredder solutions can help your business to save money, tackle shredding jobs effectively and also make sure that sensitive information does not get leaked from your business. 

    Another great factor about our company worth mentioning is that we also offer professional shredding services. It does not matter what type of industry your company works in, almost all business has some type of document they need to safely dispose of. Our shredding services include but are not limited to On-site shredding drop and collect daily rentals, on-site shredding drop and collect machine and labour, off-site shredding at our in-house facility and security wheelie bin containers. We look forward to helping you find the best shredder to buy or rent from us soon.