Bulk Chemicals and Fuel Suppliers South Africa

Published: Friday, August 13, 2021


Reputable bulk fuel and chemical suppliers such as Chemi contribute to keeping South Africa`s economy going by ensuring that industries have the best, most reliable services and deliveries of a wide range of fuel and chemical products.

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    The chemical and fuel industries in South Africa are large and several other industries rely heavily on the provision of both chemicals and fuel to operate efficiently.

    When you are looking for the best bulk fuel delivery and chemical suppliers in South Africa, there are a few considerations, including the difference between bulk and fine chemicals, what to consider when selecting a supplier, and the benefits that bulk fuel and chemical deliveries to common industries bring.


    Bulk versus Fine Chemicals


    Bulk chemicals

    Bulk chemicals are manufactured on a large scale so that markets across South Africa can benefit, this is often why they are considered commodity chemicals. Bulk chemicals also add to South Africa's exports and help to maintain the economy.

    Both inorganic and organic are manufactured in continuous process chemicals plants while fine chemicals are produced in manufacturing plants. The basic manufacturing goal attributed to bulk chemical plants is to produce bulk chemicals on a scale large enough that costs are kept to a minimum, thus allowing for the maximum amount of profit to be made.

    Some examples of chemicals that are manufactured in bulk include acetone, acrylic acid, biodiesel, castor oil, glycerine, white spirits, and several others.


    Fine chemicals

    As opposed to bulk chemicals, fine chemicals can only be manufactured in small and limited quantities. They are manufactured in plants by batches or biotechnological manufacturing processes.

    The steps involved with manufacturing fine chemicals may not be extensive, but they have a certain level of complexity and include chemical synthesis, biotechnology, extraction, and hydrolysis.

    Fine chemicals were conceived in the 1970s and they have become an integral part of the chemical industry across the globe, including in South Africa. These products, while extremely useful, must be combined with other chemicals as well as substances to reach their full potential.

    Typically, these chemicals represent the building blocks for several other different products that are in use every day, without many people even realising it. Some of these fine chemicals include pharmaceuticals, biocides, fragrances, additives, and pigments.

    Despite the role that they play, both fine and bulk chemicals play a crucial role in the chemical industry in South Africa, ensuring that a wide range of chemical, fuel, and petroleum products are available on various markets across all industries.


    Tips on finding the best bulk fuel and chemical supplier in South Africa


    Choose a supplier that has competitive pricing

    When choosing fuel and chemical suppliers for bulk deliveries, there are several factors to consider, and the price is an important one.

    Before you select a supplier, compare prices from other companies to ensure that you receive the best possible price.


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    Research the company's background and reputation

    It is easy for a company to make certain claims on their website and advertisements. For this reason, it is crucial to conduct thorough research on a company to validate that they are who they say they are and that they can deliver on their critically acclaimed products and services.


    Evaluate their safety record

    It is crucial that a bulk fuel and chemical company maintain its equipment and that they have a good, clean, and proven safety record to lower the risk of injuries during delivery.


    Enquire about their fuel storage capacity and delivery fleet

    The supplier needs to have enough storage space to house fuel and chemicals. Make sure to check out suppliers that have a network of bulk fuel depots as well as a fleet of delivery vehicles.

    This will prove that the company can fulfil orders of any size in the least amount of time, ensuring that your fuel and chemical deliveries are on time and without any delays.


    Make sure that the supplier is certified and licensed

    Only use suppliers that have the necessary certification and licenses to provide bulk fuel and chemical products to several industries in South Africa. Make sure to follow up on licenses that the supplier claims to have to ensure that they are valid.


    Consult reviews from existing or previous customers

    One of the best ways to determine whether a supplier is right for your business is to evaluate what others have to say about it. Keep in mind that opinions may differ, but the general rule is that if there are more bad reviews than good, a company may not be as good as they claim.


    How does reliable Bulk Fuel and Chemicals benefit common industries in South Africa?


    South Africa consists of several industries that rely heavily on the provision of bulk fuel and chemicals, either as a result of the sheer size of the industry and sector, remote location, or other factors.

    Major cities in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Cape Town, and other regions use a large variety of vehicles for several tasks and municipalities and governments often make use of reliable suppliers of bulk fuel.

    There are also many construction and mining companies in South Africa that work remotely that make use of reliable bulk chemical and fuel suppliers such as Chemi.

    Fuel stations, school districts, and many logistics and transport companies based in South Africa use bulk fuel and chemical suppliers to keep their operations running smoothly.

    Reputable bulk fuel and chemical suppliers such as Chemi contribute to keeping South Africa's economy going by ensuring that industries have the best, most reliable services and deliveries of a wide range of fuel and chemical products.