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Published: Friday, August 5, 2022

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WeThrive differentiates itself by combining conventional medicine with complementary approaches, such as alternative medicine, nutritional supplementation, and healthy eating.

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    WeThrive is a comprehensive and holistic healthcare provider that integrates a health shop, pharmacy and juice bar, along with specialist health services.

    This uniquely centralised health marketplace has outlets in Kloof, Ballito, and Hillton, as well as an extensive online platform where leading healthcare products can be purchased. Here, we take a closer look at WeThrive’s offering to see what differentiates this innovative business.


    A holistic ethos


    WeThrive has researched and found the best natural, organic, and local product lines so that clients can enjoy optimal health that addressed a wide variety of personal needs.

    Clients can shop for a comprehensive selection of vitamins and supplements, natural cures, natural and organic healthy foods, specialized goods for mothers and babies, and organic skin care ranges.

    The ranges featured on the WeThrive platform are sourced according to the company’s ethos of healthy living, environmental awareness, and sustainable living. To this end, WeThrive promotes locally owned businesses within their own community and throughout South Africa.

    WeThrive differentiates itself by combining conventional medicine with complementary approaches, such as alternative medicine, nutritional supplementation, and healthy eating.

    In order to educate and encourage the synergistic usage of all of the various sorts of health therapies, WeThrive advises on health and wellbeing that is sound, competent, and worthy of trust.

    Using this approach, WeThrive stocks proven high quality dietary supplements, organic and ecologically friendly personal care and infant care goods, as well as nutritious food, which in turn allows the company to contribute positively to the economy of the area.


    An extensive product range


    WeThrive’s far-reaching product range includes vitamins and supplements, health and beauty, mother and child and health food brands.

    The vitamins and supplements provided by WeThrive address a wide range of medical needs and ailments, including the following:

    • Bone, Joint & Muscle Health
    • Brain Health
    • Circulation & Heart Health
    • Collagen
    • Detox, Liver & Kidney Health
    • Digestive & Gut Health
    • Eye Health
    • Fertility & Pregnancy
    • Homeopathic
    • Hormonal Health
    • Immune Health
    • Insulin & Thyroid Health
    • Kids Health
    • Mental Health
    • Metagenics
    • Multivitamin & General Health
    • Skin, Hair & Nail Health
    • Solgar
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Weight & Nutrition
    • Wound Care & First Aid


    Health supplements available from WeThrive are specially created to treat some of the most widely reported and prevailing health conditions that affect people’s lives, including gut health, pain relief, and energy and immune boosters.

    WeThrive also caters to the beauty market and offers a diverse range of ethical products that include aromatherapy, body care, feminine products, and luxurious make-up ranges. The beauty offering from WeThrive also integrates men’s care and hair products.


    Health foods for better living


    Health foods, including natural and organic foods, are increasingly in demand as more people become aware of the importance of a healthy, holistic lifestyle to improve their longevity and lifestyle quality.

    WeThrive addresses this demand across a diverse category of needs, including baking, dried fruits, drinks, pantry staples, healthy snacks, and highly sought-after superfoods.


    Better care for mom and baby


    More than ever, moms today are becoming aware of the importance of safe, non-toxic ingredients for their babies and for themselves. With WeThrive’s ethical approach to product sourcing, moms can rest assured that they can find the gentlest, safest and most nutritious health sources from the company.

    Everything from non-toxic biodegradable baby wipes, organic baby oil and essential multivitamins can all be found at WeThrive – quickly and conveniently.


    Special care services


    As part of WeThrive’s integrated approach to providing healthcare to all, the company also provides services that include skincare consultations from an approved beauty therapist, convenient clinic bookings, and homeopathic consultations, amongst other excellent special care services.