Transformational Dentistry: Transforming Smiles and Changing Lives

Published: Wednesday, July 26, 2023


Transformational Dentistry is a shining example of outstanding care and results that can change your life

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    Transformational Dentistry is a shining example of outstanding care and results that can change your life. Transformational Dentistry, led by Dr. Cobus Verster, has been at the forefront of modern dentistry for more than 35 years – offering modern dental services to improve oral hygiene and create stunning smiles.


    Transformational Dentistry is a leader in the industry with their All-on-4 procedure. This revolutionary dental implant treatment offers life-changing relief for patients who have missing or severely damaged teeth. Four strategically placed implants can secure a complete set of new teeth, providing a natural, fully functional, and attractive smile.


    Digital Smile Design is one of Transformational Dentistry’s signature services. This revolutionary smile makeover uses advanced digital imaging to create a virtual model of the patient's teeth. DSD's interactive, personalized smile transformation process involves patients actively in the design and allows them to visualize their desired results. This produces natural-looking smiles and harmony that exceed expectations.


    Transformational Dentistry provides the All-on-6 procedure to patients who have more complex dental requirements or jawbones that are compromised. This innovative treatment option with six implants provides a sturdy platform to support new teeth for long-lasting and reliable results.


    Transformational Dentistry uses cutting-edge technologies, such as Cerec Technology. This allows for rapid creation of high-quality dental restorations within just one visit. No need for multiple appointments or temporaries! This advanced solution allows crowns, onlays, and inlays to be designed on site and produced in less time.


    Orthodontics forms a key part of Transformational Dentistry’s comprehensive approach to dentistry. Dr. Cobus Verster and his team are experts in customizing orthodontic treatments to correct misalignments and straighten smiles. Whether traditional braces or less obvious options such as clear aligners are selected, patients can expect exceptional care tailored to their individual needs.


    Transformational Dentistry knows the importance of teeth whitening for improving one's aesthetics. Dr. Cobus Verster and his team know that it can transform an individual's appearance using sophisticated whitening products and techniques designed to promote oral hygiene without compromising results. Their team uses innovative whitening products and technologies to help patients achieve a brighter smile that radiates confidence and beauty. The treatment plans are designed to balance dental health with outstanding results, without compromising oral wellbeing.


    Dr. Cobus Verster and his highly skilled staff at Transformational Dentistry offer a unique, personalized dental experience, which prioritizes comfort, well-being, and a friendly atmosphere. They are committed to excellence and have a passion to transform smiles utilizing the latest techniques and technologies. Contact them now to begin your life-changing dental journey.