Dalucon Refrigeration Products SA (PTY) LTD Leading the Way in Insulated Panelling Manufacturing

Published: Sunday, May 26, 2024

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Dalucon Refrigeration Products SA (PTY) LTD Leading the Way in Insulated Panelling Manufacturing

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    Dalucon Refrigeration Products SA (PTY) LTD is one of the leading companies in its field, originally founded in 1991, our core focus is on quality and delivery time, setting a benchmark for all our products which competitors find hard to match.


    We continuously strive to acquire machinery that is up to date with technology. We have 4 High pressure Polyurethane injecting machines which are fully functional in our production lines. Our new polyurethane machine is the first for South Africa, the ultimate and latest in E.U technology for dosing equipment and 16.5m long press, with no joints, the longest in South Africa.


    We take great pride in the state-of-the-art factory and facilities to manufacture industry-specific products. Producing and designing all our products in-house makes it possible for us to change and modify our production plan on an immediate basis according to our client's amended specification; this flexibility gives us a competitive advantage.


    We specialize in the manufacturing of polyurethane-injected insulated panels for insulating warehouses, either for the purpose of cold or freezer storage, general wall panels, partition, roofing panels to our all-new interlocking IBR polyurethane injected roof panelling available in many different colours. Using our unique high-quality strength insulated panelling for walls, partitions, or roofing, Dalucon has it all, with a wide range of EU extrusions that enable us to separate ourselves from the competition, ensuring the highest quality. Our insulated doors are renowned for being the highest quality doors in the marketplace. We enjoy the specialized field as this is a true testament to how diverse we are.


    In conclusion, Dalucon Refrigeration Products SA (PTY) LTD is the leading company when it comes to manufacturing insulated panelling for various applications such as: Cold and freezer rooms, Insulated warehouses, Telecommunication shelters/containers, Refrigerated truck bodies, Mortuary cold storage items, Clean and pharmaceutical rooms, Polyurethane insulated IBR roof panelling and Rock breaker cabins. With our commitment to quality, innovation, and flexibility, we continue to set the standard in the industry across the SADC region.