Technology Boost for Challenging Rural Areas in South Africa

Published: Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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Drawing on the expertise of such a varied team brings technology to places where others have failed or simply could not find a solution.

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TWK  Communications supply state of the art telecoms infrastructure and ISP services to urban, suburban and rural South Africa that is stable, reliable and cost-effective.

TWK  Communications specializes in providing solutions to rural challenging areas and communities, be it broadband or telephone internet, local and remote PBX’s and VPN’s, to name but a few. We are on the verge of changing the South African communications technology landscape through our dedicated and focused teams, situated across South Africa, that draws on several fields of expertise and multi-disciplinary backgrounds.

Drawing on the expertise of such a varied team brings technology to places where others have failed or simply could not find a solution. Our broad coverage of the Western and Eastern Cape as well as the Overberg region, together with many years of experience in the field of telecommunications, ensures reliable and unbeatable levels of service while bringing connectivity to areas previously considered unlikely to have Internet access.

We also provide unparalleled support through our dedicated call centre and technical support teams through which we ensure uninterrupted service, minimize downtime and react with minimal delay to restore supply.

Having gained an enviable reputation in the ICT industry as an innovative and solutions-driven company, TWK have and continues to accept projects which other companies have declined. We continue to complete projects on behalf of local telecommunications companies that were initially deemed non-viable. Despite the challenges being faced, TWK Communications will continue to deliver a fully functioning and cost-effective deployment solution with the technical know-how and aftersales support to ensure the continued successful operation of a number of sites.

TWK channels through a lean, dynamic and highly agile business model that seeks to foster growth, empower our teams and uplift the communities we operate in by providing solutions to connectivity challenges.

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We provide Fibre to the Home and Fibre to the Business through leading infrastructure companies to ensure that we supply the best possible coverage and network stability.

Wireless Internet

We provide Broadband wireless internet solutions ranging from Prepaid to structured Business packages for SME’s, Larger enterprises and Corporate clients as well as Premium and Uncapped access.

Network Infrastructure

We continue to develop several innovative and highly specialized network infrastructure deployment solutions in urban, suburban and rural areas which resulted in several successful but immensely challenging installations. Our solutions range from customized hardware, manufactured in-house, to aircraft for specific projects and, where sites are not accessible by any normal means, using specialized two-wheeled transport to ensure that site visits are carried out and network capabilities and functionality remains unhindered.


TWK Business Call uses a Next Generation IP network that enables you to make and receive telephone calls (VOiP) via the internet to your entire business network, be it a local, national or international landline or mobile numbers

Contact TWK for innovative solutions to all your networking requirements.

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