Celebrated fitness trainer Botle Kayamba joins First Choice as High Protein Recovery ambassador

Published: Thursday, November 26, 2020

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Successful personal trainer and leader in the fitness industry, Botle Kayamba, has joined prominent  South African milk and dairy product brand First Choice, as new brand ambassador for its High Protein Recovery drink. 

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Born and raised in Sebokeng, Vaal, Kayamba finished high school at Pele Ya Pele secondary school and then obtained a Diploma in Sports Management at the Vaal University of Technology. Her other qualifications include certificates as a Group Training Instructor, Life Coach as well as in Personal Training. Says Kayamba: “My passion for fitness is from loving and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. I’ve always been an active child growing up, being involved in sports at school and trying all the various sporting codes.”

Her career in fitness started in 2007 and has evolved through the years despite the hardships, closed doors and many disappointments she had to endure and learn from. “It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but I had to keep believing in and pushing myself forward. My faith and trust in God helped me to be patient and trust His timing. It’s because of God’s love for me that I am who I am today. His joy is my strength and His word has kept me rooted over the years,” she adds. 

Kayamba explains that when she was diagnosed with Ameloblastoma type 3, her world came crushing down. “Fitness helped met through these dark times. Being active was my happy place, my driving force. Life was hard growing up. Due to my illness I had to let go of my modelling career but fitness saved me, brought back my confidence and helped me to rediscover myself. Looking back, I understand that it was all part of God’s plan and I’m grateful that I went through it all. It gave me the zeal to work hard towards making my dreams a reality.”

According to Kayamba, she thoroughly enjoys being an ambassador for First Choice’s High Protein Recovery (HPR) drink. “I love the brand and what it stands for. I’d recommend it purely for the convenience. There’s no time wasted on blending, mixing and weighing. You just drink it as is which is such a huge plus! All you need to do is shake, twist and drink – as easy as 1, 2, 3. It’s also packed with all the right nutrients.”

She hopes to represent the brand in a very positive way. “I aim to be a leader and promote the brand in whatever I do. I want to spread the word on the importance of HPR, its long term benefits and most especially because a lot of people think only men drink such drinks and not women. We need to change the narrative so that everyone is aware of its benefits,” adds Kayamba.

Not only is she a fitness guru, but also loves cooking. “It’s another passion of mine. I love playing with food and creating new recipes to indulge in with my family. I also enjoy watching television and catching up on my all favourite shows as my schedule is super hectic during the week.” And her hidden talent? “I love singing!” 
She reckons she is very blessed to have her husband around when things get hectic. “It’s always good to know that I can rely on him to help me keep a balance. He assists a lot with planning and executing my ideas, as well as with the kids. I also have a team of strong women under the Botle Fitness umbrella that helps me a lot. And of course my twin sister Bontle, whom I love and adore so much. I love and appreciate them all.”

Botle is currently working on a very exciting project - completing and running her own home gym. “It’s all very exciting. I’m also currently completing my Diploma in Nutrition and will hopefully graduate next year.  Furthermore, I host three annual Botlefitness events in total. One in Midrand which is where I’m based, the second back home where I’m from and the third for charity to raise funds and give back to my community,” she concludes.

Her motto is Push Past Possible! She clearly lives up to it!

High Protein Recovery is available at Checkers in the Western Cape, OK and Dischem nationwide as well as online at www.shopfirstchoice.co.za  or https://recoverymilk.co.za/.

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