Pharmacist launches scrubs just the way she likes them

Published: Tuesday, March 8, 2022

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Founder of STEPS, Elzeri, is a pharmacist by day and an entrepreneur by night. Working from 7 am - 4 pm and being on her feet the entire time, motivated her to create a brand and product range that delivers on quality, breathability, movement, shape and modern design — something this 28-year-old from Upington aspires to. This also meant many late nights and very early mornings to deliver on orders and admin.

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I simply couldn’t fathom having to invest 6 years into my medical studies and practice, only to spend my days in oversized, boring, and uncomfortable scrubs. I created a product I wanted to wear, a product my colleagues wanted to wear. My main objective was, and still is, when you step your foot into our scrubs, you can perform at your peak the entire day. As a medical professional, you have many decisions to make on a daily basis - your uniform shouldn’t have to be one of them.” says Elzeri.

I have always known I wanted to create a brand and product offering and in April 2020 it became a reality. I bought the first piece of fabric for STEPS and - as they say - the rest is history. But it didn’t come easily.

I had no background in clothing design and manufacturing, other than wearing scrubs for the past 6 years. That was enough motivation for me to get the ball rolling because I knew - if this was a problem for me, it had to be a solution for many,” adds Elzeri. “I found my team through the magic of Facebook and networking. I posted an ad reading ‘looking for a local CMT from Upington to assist me in launching a new brand’. Helen and Bevelia found their way to me, and we have never looked back. What started out in their living room, now - 18 months later - our STEPS story continues in our own space with a team of 9. We have certainly stepped it up!” she says.

The STEPS range is hand-sewn - you know each and every garment that leaves the STEPS factory is of the highest quality, breathability and durability. The core range consists of a 4-way stretch material which allows the garment to stretch both vertically and horizontally - allowing for an incredibly comfortable fit. Our core range is ultra-light, super-stretchy requires minimal ironing or none at all. It is quick-drying, fur-free, incredibly durable and importantly - fade resistant.

“We have seen a huge uptake from many professionals, from doctors to beauticians and physiotherapists - scrubs are the way to go. Covid has been a huge driver for this. As medical professionals - who are more likely to be in contact with positive cases, we are compelled to wear a new, freshly washed (and comfortable) outfit every single day. Scrubs was the answer, but I knew no one wanted the non-fitting cobalt blue and laboratory green!” says Elzeri.

They have now also launched their premium range made up of 100% Pure Cotton fabric, delivering on a demand put forward to them by their consumers. “We’ve been asked time and again to include a more premium option, and have now included a 100% cotton range in a variety of tones for clients who want something a little more special. However, both our ranges are of exceptional quality, the premium collection is for those who just need that added extra.”

STEPS is focused on supporting local and elevating Upington as an entrepreneurial destination. “Many consumers are surprised when I tell them we are based in Upington, everyone thinks only the sun, oranje river, dates and the dunes excel here, but we are a special group of extremely dedicated and hardworking individuals who expect and deliver only the best.” Adds Elzeri. Elzeri’s aim is to double the STEPS team by the end of 2022, offering a wider variety of styles, colours and additional products perfectly suited to their clientele – how does she know what works? She knows, because she is her own customer!

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