Urban Streetwear - Complementing Your Active Lifestyle

Published: Tuesday, March 15, 2022

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2022 is about getting your hands on urban streetwear that checks multiple boxes with a few versatile, comfortable, stylish pieces perfect for almost any occasion. 

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Influenced by competitive sailing, Nautica Competition consists of sportswear that was once limited to workouts but now it is part of the urban clothing movement. 

The nautical style infused clothing is conceptualised with attention to detail, fresh colour accents and refreshing designs in the quality Nautica is known for. To compliment an active lifestyle, Nautica Competition’s product offering includes performance features for multi-sports with bold logos and bold stand-out shades.

Carrying outfits ready for any season and activity, the urban streetwear brand is versatile and fashion-forward. Stay on top of trends and break your boundaries all supported by luxurious, and fresh street fashion. 

Thedrop.co.za has dropped Nautica Competitions' latest vests, shorts and jackets making it easy for you to shop the various streetwear.



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