Pharma Dynamics marks 20-year milestone with sonic sculpture

Published: Tuesday, May 3, 2022

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This year Pharma Dynamics celebrates 20 years of increasing access to healthcare. 

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To mark the important milestone, it is inviting staff, patients, pharmacists, healthcare practitioners and all those who helped to shape the company in the last two decades to collaboratively participate in the creation of a digital artwork that will take on the form of a heart.

Erik Roos, CEO of Pharma Dynamics says choosing the illustration of a heart is not only a symbol of the company’s long-standing position as the market leader in cardiovascular medication but also symbolises the heartbeat of the organisation.

“The artwork is our story that defines and articulates the way in which each employee and the company as a whole, is improving the human condition in a meaningful and sustainable way. Furthermore, it is symbolic of the connection and causal effect between the company and its stakeholders — together making a difference in the world”. 

Pharma Dynamics’ digital sculpture takes shape in response to sound. The more people contribute their voices in the form of voice messages, the more intricate the sculpture becomes.


Since the introduction of digital technology, sound art is becoming more popular and comes in various forms, including:

  • kinetic sound sculptures
  • sound-walks
  • poetry, and
  • in Pharma Dynamics’ case, the spoken word.


It’s a new wave of sonic artistry that uses tones and audio effects to create an artistic expression — the same way a painter uses colours on a canvas.


Roos says just like every business is unique and follows a different growth journey of expansion and consolidation, no one journey is ever the same.

“The artwork represents our transformative business journey from start-up to maturity and is meant to be a compilation of heartfelt stories from people who helped us to get where we are now.”


Pharma Dynamics has much to celebrate. It is the ninth-largest pharmaceutical and sixth largest generic company in South Africa, with 19 market-leading brands, operating in 30 therapeutic areas, which include:

  • cardiovascular
  • neuroscience
  • pain
  • digestive health
  • female healthcare
  • critical care
  • antibiotics, and 
  • complementary and alternative medicines (CAMS). 


The company is a level 4 BBBEE company and has remained the number one supplier of cardiovascular medication in the country for over a decade, amid fierce competition.

Roos says it’s difficult to fathom that the small company, which started with only a handful of people some 20 years ago, now employs over 160 staff countrywide. Over the years, the company has significantly contributed to the South African economy, not only in terms of broadening medicine access but also in job creation and social investment.

“As we look back on our growth, accomplishments and relationships built with our customers, we would like to thank everyone who has been involved in supporting Pharma Dynamics in reaching 20 years of success. It has been made possible, because of the trust that healthcare professionals and patients put in our products and our incredible team who go the extra mile every day to service customers the best they can.

“In a way, companies are like families. We build them with all our hearts, putting our blood, sweat and tears into making it grow and flourish. At Pharma Dynamics, we are a family and our values of integrity, passion for service excellence, teamwork, respect and care and entrepreneurial spirit underpins everything we do. Our values shape our culture and are our unique heartbeat. Together we have created a company known for its quality products, services and commitment to making healthcare affordable and accessible to all.

“While we celebrate our 20-year success, we remain future-focused. We have already set new goals and benchmarks that we look forward to achieving in the coming years and are directing our talent, focus and energy toward applying new ideas and tools for improving health for all,” says Roos.


To participate in Pharma Dynamics’ sonic sculpture, visit Your unique contribution is downloadable for you to keep.

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