H&M South Africa collaborates with illustrator Yay Abe

Published: Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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H&M is proud to announce its print collaboration with local South African illustration studio Yay Abe, founded by Russell Abrahams. 

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"The Yay Abe x H&M collaboration is a project initiated to support small business owners and promote the local design industry within South Africa. This collaboration is the first-ever locally printed collection from H&M in South Africa," says Caroline Nelson, country manager, H&M South Africa.

Nelson adds, "We are very excited to offer our customers a unique collection that's inspired by the celebration of life."

Yay Abe is a multi-disciplinary illustration studio founded by Russel Abrahams. His work is inspired by local people and cultures, characterised by:

  • bold colour
  • unique graphic style, and
  • playful nature.


His work stems from the society in which he lives; it reflects his surroundings and the pulse of the nation. He is intent on telling interesting and vibrant stories and narratives with depth. 

"This collection for H&M is inspired by gratuity and reciprocating appreciation between people. I really wanted to create a body of work that people can wear and be proud of," says Russell Abraham, founder of Yay Abe. 

"It's all about feelings, affirmations and craft. I think illustration should always evoke an emotion. It's what makes people gravitate towards good design," Abrahams concludes. 

The print collaboration collection will be available at selected H&M stores in South Africa from Thursday, 2 June 2022.

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