Professional speaking: A catalyst for youth entrepreneurship and professional success

Published: Thursday, June 8, 2023

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"In the dynamic and ever-changing world of business and professions, there is a notable surge in youth entrepreneurship and professional ambitions," states Jabu Zwane, Vice-president of PSASA and Youth Director.

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Zwane adds, "Their ambition, coupled with the diverse opportunities arising from economic and social challenges, is fueling the innovative thinking of young individuals. We have a responsibility to nurture and empower the next generation of business leaders by equipping them with the necessary skills for success. The professional speaking industry plays a pivotal role in this endeavor."

"The corporate global training industry is projected to grow from USD 363.2 billion in 2022 to USD 380.7 billion in 2023," Zwane adds. "With the increasing prevalence of virtual education, professional events, and coaching, African youth have equal opportunities as their counterparts in global markets. Recognizing the significance of public speaking as a catalyst for youth entrepreneurship, we explore the reasons why mastering this skill can be a game-changer."

Effective Communication: Public speaking fosters the development of clear and concise communication skills, enabling young entrepreneurs to express their ideas, value propositions, and business plans with confidence.

Building Networks: Successful entrepreneurship relies on meaningful connections and collaborations. Engaging in public speaking allows young entrepreneurs to network with industry experts, mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs.

Branding and Marketing: Public speaking empowers youth entrepreneurs to establish themselves as industry thought leaders and build their personal brand.

Pitching and Investor Relations: Pitching is a critical skill for securing investment in the entrepreneurial world. Public speaking equips young entrepreneurs with the ability to deliver compelling pitches that captivate potential investors.

"The skills acquired through a professional speaking program, such as ours, will assist them in effectively communicating their value proposition, market analysis, and growth strategies, thus making their ventures more appealing to investors as they develop their businesses," Zwane emphasizes.

In support of youth entrepreneurship, PSASA, in collaboration with The Success Mindset Summit, proudly announces a series of workshops, training sessions, and networking events focused on developing professional speaking skills for students, aspiring young entrepreneurs, and professionals. These initiatives aim to provide a platform for refining their abilities, learning from industry experts, and connecting with like-minded individuals in the business community.

With a combination of entrepreneurial spirit and effective professional skills, today's youth can shape the future business landscape, fostering innovative solutions and driving economic growth.

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