Shines a Light on Helplines and Suicide Hotlines: Providing Light During the Holiday Season

Published: Wednesday, December 20, 2023

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The holiday season may be festive for many, but it can bring loneliness and despair for others., South Africa`s trusted route to find a psychologist, counselling, or therapy near you, highlights helplines throughout South Africa and worldwide.

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The holiday season may be festive for many, but it can bring loneliness and despair for others., South Africa's most trusted route to finding psychologists, psychiatrists, therapy, and counselling near you, is raising awareness of a vital lifeline – helplines and suicide hotlines throughout South Africa and worldwide.


About the Suicide Hotline Services: maintains an extensive list of suicide hotlines, crisis lines, and helplines provided by various organizations worldwide. These resources are open to everyone, 24/7, and in some cases, toll-free. They offer a compassionate ear and support to those struggling with suicidal thoughts and feelings. 


Visit our comprehensive public service resources pages to find a list of numbers to call when in need.


Why the Focus on the Holidays?

During the holiday season, feelings of loneliness and sadness can intensify, and suicidal thoughts may be on the rise. aims to shed light on these critical services and provide hope to those in need.


A Unified Effort for Mental Health:

It's important to note that these hotlines are not TherapyRoute's own but a coalition of lines run by different organizations globally. maintains this comprehensive list as a free public service, connecting individuals with the needed help.


Get Involved: calls upon the general public and mental health awareness activists to join the mission of spreading awareness. 


By sharing these resources widely, we can encourage those in crisis to reach out and access the support they deserve.



Find Help and More Information Here:

International Helplines:
South Africa Helplines:
India Helplines:
United Kingdom Helplines:
USA Helplines:

Ireland Helplines:

China Helplines:

Australia Helplines:

Canada Helplines:




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