AROS and CleverLMS join forces to build an innovative community hub

Published: Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Education Training

CleverLMS, a fully customizable Learning Management System, partners with ASBIS Robotic Solutions to establish an interactive learning community named Skill Factory.  

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CleverLMS, an innovative all-in-one platform for streamlined learning and effective team communication established in 2021, has announced its partnership with AROS, a distinct division of the ASBIS Group. The collaboration aims to simplify onboarding and training for partners, foster cooperation, and create a unified education system equipped with gamification features and communication tools.


Backed by insights into unique business challenges, CleverLMS is dedicated to offering companies an intuitive platform where employees can get all the knowledge and skills necessary for their industry.


CleverLMS also places utmost priority on feedback and open communication, fueling continuous improvements to their platform. When AROS approached them with a vision to create a community hub, CleverLMS leveraged their customer-centric approach to help make it happen.


AROS, short for ASBIS Robotic Solutions, is a distinct department within the broader ASBIS Group. This division concentrates on the creation, development, marketing, distribution, and provision of tailor-made cooperative and robotic solutions. AROS has an operational footprint in multiple areas, encompassing EMEA, MENA, Southern Africa, and CIS. Additionally, AROS spans diverse business sectors such as industrial, cleaning, delivery, and education, and is currently developing solutions for logistics and service kiosks.


With the expanding net of the company’s partners and employees, AROS sought a tool that accommodated both parties, promoting interaction and offering learning possibilities. The goal was to establish a unified education system that includes gamification features and provides tools for immediate feedback and communication.


CleverLMS responded to this need by equipping AROS with a web-based platform and launching a mobile application for iOS and Android, designed in alignment with AROS’s brand guidelines. A built-in gift shop feature incentivizes staff, allowing them to earn points upon course completion, which can be used to purchase company-branded goods.


The collaboration between AROS and CleverLMS has led to significant improvements in AROS’s operations, especially the efficiency and thoroughness of onboarding and training procedures for new employees and partners. The CleverLMS app has created a dedicated network for robotics enthusiasts, fostering collaboration and innovation while providing users with on-demand access to educational resources.


Adherence to GDPR regulations ensures user privacy, and the globally accessible, cost-effective solution provided by CleverLMS can scale up in line with rapid organizational growth.


The partnership has given birth to Skill Factory, a learning community that encourages peer-to-peer interaction and continuous learning. Already serving over 50 companies, Skill Factory is set to expand, turning into a networking platform where industry experts can exchange ideas, stay updated on the latest trends, and collaborate on initiatives.


AROS’ Training and Development Manager asserts that the key to successful community hub lies in a triad: engaging and interactive content, timely updates, and regular feedback. By integrating features for collaboration, discussion, and knowledge-sharing into the platform, CleverLMS has helped AROS to get a head start on this initiative.


CleverLMS thanks AROS for their collaboration and looks forward to witnessing the future of corporate learning and industry communication unfold.


By Jonathan Hill



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