BCX earns Top Employer Certificate for the third consecutive year in 2024

Published: Friday, February 23, 2024

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In every thriving business, the core of its success is deeply rooted in the culture and environment it nurtures. BCX, a leader in digital technology, is once again excited about earning the coveted Top Employer certificate in 2024, for the third consecutive year. 

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This achievement represents BCX's steadfast commitment to fostering a workplace that champions excellence, innovation and the well-being of all its people, says the company. 

The Top Employers Institute (TEI), a global authority in recognising Human Resource (HR) excellence, awarded BCX this prestigious certification in acknowledgment of the company's exceptional commitment to its best practice approach in:

  • people practices
  • HR processes, and
  • employee-centric strategies.

According to BCX, the rigorous assessment process conducted by TEI covered crucial HR domains and comprehensive topics, evaluating BCX against industry benchmarks. Across diverse domains, it not only met industry benchmarks but consistently surpassed them. BCX has achieved 100% in digital HR, demonstrating a commitment to cutting-edge human resources practices.

Additionally, BCX has exceeded industry norms in purpose and values (100%) and in organisation and change (96.19%), while also excelling in enhancing employee experiences and fortifying leadership development, says the company. 

"Securing this distinction for three consecutive years reaffirms BCX's commitment to maintaining high standards within the industry. It reflects our dedication to valuing our employees, investing not just in advanced technology but in the professional development and well-being of our employees," says Hope Lukoto, chief human resource officer at BCX. 

According to the company, at the core of BCX's success lies a multifaceted approach to nurturing talent and promoting a culture of:

  • collaboration
  • innovation, and
  • most importantly, value for its employees.

Furthermore, BCX's consistent attainment of the Top Employer Certification is instrumental in solidifying its reputation as a top-tier employer, says BCX. 

"This accolade is due to a collective effort," concludes Lukoto. "We could not have achieved this without our top employees, who have not only set new standards within BCX but have also paved the way for a thriving organisational culture that stands as a testament to their strive for excellence."

BCX concludes that this prestigious recognition not only honours BCX’s past achievements but also serves as a compass guiding it toward an even more promising future, marked by innovation growth, and a workforce empowered to shape tomorrow's technological landscape.

For more information, visit www.bcx.co.za

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