Bob Skinstad’s 80/20 Mindset Teaches You How to Super Perform in Business

Published: Friday, November 24, 2017

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The 80/20 Mindset E-course launches today, and promises to teach Millennials how to work less and achieve more in business, while sidestepping pressing workplace and career woes.

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Rugby icon Bob Skinstad and Richard Koch, bestselling author of the 80/20 Principle, have teamed up to create the first official e-course on 80/20 practice. The launch happens on the back of The 80/20 Principles 20th anniversary year, a milestone for advocates of the mindset.


Now this global first is set to launch on Black Friday, with the special introductory entrance free lasting all the way to Cyber Monday.


When asked what his motivations were for working on the e-course this year, Skinstad said, “The 80/20 Principle played a critical role in my own personal development. Hearing how Millennials were struggling with things like decision-making, communication and work-life balance during my corporate talks - inspired me to approach Richard last year. I knew if we could combine storytelling with modern media and e-learning, 80/20 practice could reshape lives, even entire businesses.”


Bob Skinstad is a fierce practitioner of The 80/20 Mindset, and has used it to succeed in sport and business – transitioning from being an ex-Springbok Rugby Captain to a highly successful entrepreneur, business personality and international speaker.


Skinstad’s aim is to help career-stalled Millennials navigate the unstable and ever-changing modern workplace, using the 80/20 rule in day-to-day business. As a speaker, his vision is to bring the 80/20 Mindset to brands in search of engaging corporate e-learning experiences that will inspire and energise their employees – first with a dynamic presentation, then with the online e-course.


With contributions from legendary sporting personalities, he presents the 5-module video e-course using personal stories and anecdotes from his own life, with animations to illustrate the lessons he teaches. After the e-course, students will enjoy being part of the 80/20 Mindset community, a hub for leaders and advocates of 80/20 practice. 



Based in the UK, Skinstad travels extensively and is highly sought out on the global stage as speaker, commentator and business presenter. He has made it a personal mission to teach a new generation of career-stalled Millennials how to succeed using 80/20 lessons in the digital age.


The e-course is officially available online – brands of all sizes can sign up for The 80/20 Mindset Experience, or individuals can sign up to do the e-course directly on the site. Limited interviews and media showcases are available, so do reach out to secure a spot on the schedule.


If you would like to find out more about the 80/20 Mindset E-course, contact the writer for further information. 

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