Why Your Business Should Switch to a Cloud Hosted PBX System

Published: Monday, September 13, 2021

Business Telephones

ASG will help reduce your businesses telephone bill by up to 40% per month or even eliminate monthly phoneline rentals by porting your business numbers to our TIER 1 voice service provider. 

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    With the rapidly evolving world especially technologically the outdated system of Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems has been replaced with Cloud-Hosted PBX with advanced features. A cloud-based or cloud-hosted PBX is a business phone system that provides an enterprise-grade calling which is not only easy to manage but also enhances reliability and enables businesses to flourish beyond the means. In a cloud-hosted PBX system, phone calls are automatically answered and routed to the exact department or person.

    A number of factors can be stated here to suggest why the installation of Cloud Hosted PBX is more necessary than traditional on-site PBX systems. However, following are some of important factors to look into:


    Cost Effective System

    Unlike traditional PBX systems that need massive servers and extensive cabling with copper wires, Cloud Hosted PBX forgo the usage of all the bulky hardware which are most of the times highly expensive. It is a budget friendly system that allows the business owners to avoid the additional charges of all the hardware, installation and maintenance as required by the on-premises PBX system. This PBX system will decrease the cost of initial installation, and as for the maintenance, the Cloud Hosted PBX will reduce it as well which results in a visible reduction in average cost per call across the entire business.


    Reduced Labour Demand

    As mentioned above the Cloud-Hosted PBX consists of little to no hardware that means no maintenance. Such a PBX system does not need to have an entire team of IT professionals to operate the system, like in on-site PBX systems. Instead, the whole maintenance and operation will be carried out by the PBX provider. In case of any malfunction or mismanagement, the provider will be held responsible and thus, it will be their job to fix it. Therefore, the regular monthly maintenance or labour costs will be saved with a Cloud Hosted PBX system.


    Enhancing Productivity

    Switching to cloud hosted PBX system brings about huge benefits in terms of better call management and improves the remote working process. This results in increased productivity, more time to engage with outbound sales calls, and lowers the level of employee turnover. According to several studies productivity can be increased up to 22% through cloud hosted PBX system which makes an employee save up to

    32 minutes of calls, every day. The free time will help improve the employees' training with respect to marketing and customer feedback.


    Flexibility in Cloud Hosted PBX

    Cloud Hosted PBX is significantly more flexible than the on-site traditional phone systems. This PBX system operates as a whole in terms of phone system, applications, features and phone services billed altogether. It is also automatically maintained and serviced through regular software updates. Such a PBX system is much more resilient than the traditional phone system and due to geographical flexibility, employees can make calls all around the world even in natural disasters.


    Highly Secure

    Contrary to the traditional PBX phone system, Cloud Hosted PBX systems are highly secure and encrypted. One can easily have access to physical landlines and cables which makes on-premises PBX more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Similarly, the audio signals are easier to intercept in such PBX systems.

    ASG is a Cloud Hosted PBX provider that uses LCR (Least Cost Routing) that ensures your business always get the best price for calls, regardless of cellular network. ASG will help reduce your businesses telephone bill by up to 40% per month or even eliminate monthly phoneline rentals by porting your business numbers to our TIER 1 voice service provider. 

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