The Fastest Growing Hair Brand in South Africa – LolaSilk

Published: Tuesday, January 25, 2022


What makes Lola Silk wigs unique and why it’s best to invest in these types of wigs.

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    Midrand, January, 25, 2022


    What makes Lola Silk wigs unique and why it’s best to invest in these types of wigs.


    LolaSilk is the fastest growing hair brand in South Africa and if you have ever tried one of their human or synthetic hairs, you would have noticed why they have the word “silk” incorporated on their name. This brand is the silkiest Brazilian hair wigs in the market. You can feel the difference when you pass your fingers through the hair and it is impossible not to notice its softness from top to bottom. But how did LolaSilk managed to achieve this?


    LolaSilk was launched with the mission to be the most admirable brand of human and synthetic hair in South Africa and in order to achieve this dream it was necessary 2 years of intense research to find the right hair suppliers, the ones that could deliver the best quality of Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair and that could still be sold within the price range that clients expect for this type of products. The research was split into 3 different phases, as explained below.


    The first phase of the research was to contact and interview many reputable suppliers around the world and collect samples that could then be evaluated according to the quality standards set by the developing team. After that, the best virgin hairs were taken to be evaluated by credible hair stylists in South Africa, ones that are well known for buying and installing Brazilian and Peruvian hair on a daily basis. The third phase was a usage test performed by the same hair stylists, who installed the hair on their clients’ heads and allowed them to wear it for a full month before returning to the salon so the hair stylists could wash and re-styled the hair before giving them their final opinion. All clients who participated on the research as models for the stylists were also invited to evaluate the quality of the hair that was installed. The results were very consistent among all groups and that is when the name LolaSilk was created.


    Such comprehensive research made it clear the main differentiator of LolaSilk: its silkiness. Having a silky human hair also means having a superior quality of hair with less tangling and shedding versus other types of human hair. The synthetic line of LolaSilk was also developed using the same methodology and testing with South African hair stylists to be able to find the silkiest synthetic hair that can be washed and heat-styles, so it will last longer than other types of synthetic hair. 


    Finding a good quality of hair is essential to the success of any wigs and weaves business but equally important is the capacity of the hair brand to develop stunning cuts and hair styles that will create glamorous looks after installation. LolaSilk uses suppliers with decades of experiences in creating and producing beautiful styles of wigs, from classic to modern, perfectly cut to look premium and sophisticated.  Combining the silkiest hair with the best cuts and styles has been the secret formula of success for LolaSilk.


    LolaSilk also makes use of the latest technologies for building wigs as to make them comfortable and easy to wear during an entire day. The type of cap and the quantity of hair that is used to make a new wig is very important to build comfort. LolaSilk wigs for sale are made with very comfortable caps that have straps for adjusting the size to your head and have spaces in between the rows to allow your scalp to breathe and therefore feel lighter on your head. This is very different from just sewing 3 bundles of Brazilian hair and a closure on a full cap. This type of DIY wigs tends to be heavier and hot your head. Also, having a wig that allows your scalp to breathe, like LolaSilk wigs do,  is a good way to reduce the amount of washing and re-styling you will need, which therefore will influence on the durability of the hair.


    The type of wigs that LolaSilk is able to provide will give you the premium look that you expect when buying expensive products like weaves and wigs and chances are very high that it will last longer than previous lower quality or DIY products that you may have bought in the past.


    We all know that a lifespan of human hair or synthetic hair wig depend a lot on how you care for it. The maintenance of Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair is something that should be incorporated on your daily routine so you can keep your beautiful style looking great for a long time.


    If you don’t know how to properly take care of your wigs and weaves, head to LolaSilk website. They have a session called “Hair Care” where you can get all the tips for human hair and synthetic hair on how wash and re-style your hair so it can continue to look glamourous for longer.  It is also important to consider taking your wigs for a rejuvenation program at an accredited hair salon so they can customize the treatment specifically for each type of hair.


    Get in touch with Lolasilk: / +27 83 795 3366 / via WhatsApp from our website.